The First Show

by on Dec.31, 2010, under Shows

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Our first show took place New Year’s Eve at 9:00 PM
and we made it until Midnight.

Happy New Year’s everyone!!!!

Bob Radio Show – First Show
Podcast/MP3 (43.6 MB – 190 minutes)

WARNING: Adult content, people were drinking during the recording of this show!

Show notes:

We started the show at 9:00 PM on New Year’s Eve (12-31-2010) .
Sponsors: Smokin’ Toms BBQ, Jägermeister, Molson Golden

WARNING: Adult content, people were drinking during the recording of this show!

<0 mins>The phone rang with our first caller before we could even start the show. It was “Big John” with an update on “stupid laws”. He also plugged his paranormal investigation business.

<26 mins>Interviewed Smokin’ Tom’s BBQ and picked up some dinner. They “Only smoke the good stuff” and you can find them Here.

<28 mins>”Wing Nut” called with a traffic report on the US219. Missed a call back from Big John.

<31 mins>Called back Big John and reviewed some stupid laws from around the United States.

<45 mins> Took our first break…

<50 mins>Received a call from “Hill Billy”. He lives in a van down by the creek…

<1:00 hrs> We took a call from Chuck “Down South” and discussed laws, government and politics. Shout out to all the “Working” Americans. Call from Pete (Ryan)  from Yorkshire called in and requested some Black Sabbath.

<1:25 hrs>Various sound effects and topics…

<1:35 hrs>Call from Heather and Doug wishing us a Happy New Year!

<1:41 hrs>Took our second break! Shots!!!

<1:50 hrs> Big John called back with religion and talked briefly about his paranormal hunting. Played some Black Sabbath (Iron Man & War Pigs).

<2:20 hrs> Took another call from Big John’s brother in California. Mostly complaining but he found the show website. He talked about the 23rd annual Keyesville Classic Bike Show taking place in March ’11 and plugged the bike park hosting the show KB Bike Park. He also talked about economic and environmental issues.

<2:45 hrs>More about

<3:00 hrs>Big John called back to say hi to his brother in California.

<Midnight>Happy New Year and Thanks for listening to our first show!


Next show to be announced…. (Saturday, Janurary 8th, 2011)

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